Is Oram Plus a Good Gum Disease Remedy?

So the big question among our readers is, “Does Oram Plus really live up to being a gum disease remedy?”

Does Oram Plus really act as a bad breath treatment, and Halitosis?

Is Oram Plus safe to use?

These are just some of the questions that we will answer about Oram Plus.

Oram Plus is…

A liquid concentrate that you can apply to your toothbrush, use as a mouthwash (when mixed with water), or placed directly on the tongue to coat the gum line and teeth.

Use While Brushing

When brushing it is recommend that you use two to five drops on a toothbrush and that you brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and evening.

Use as a Mouthwash

When used as a mouthwash it is recommended that you put two to five drops into an ounce of water, swish and gargle.

Oram Plus Benefits

One of the main benefits of Oram Plus is the ability of using the product during your normal daytime routine by applying two to five drops on the tip of your tongue which will instantly freshen your breath while also killing bacteria within your mouth.


Underlying Principles of the Oram Plus System

Oram Plus was the first all natural dental care product which was developed in the United Kingdom by Daniel Sanderson in 2003 who went on a quest to cure his own unhealthy teeth and gums. His solution was rediscovered in an old medical journal which explained how certain plant extracts could completely kill multiple strains of oral bacteria in the mouth in less than 30 seconds, thereby treating bad breath.

Daniels biggest challenge in formulating his concentrated solution was making sure that it was not water soluble (so it wouldn’t wash away) and that tasted good.

The premise of the Oram Plus System is an all natural oral hygiene product that actually worked, without the harmful chemicals found in most other products used by dental hygienists and sold over the counter or with prescription.

Top 5 Reasons to Use The Oram Plus System

Below are some of the reasons why the Oram Plus System is increasingly becoming very popular among people who are treating bad breath and gum disease.

  • Actual Testimonials of people who have had success with the Oram Plus System. Oram Plus does not fall short in proving that their product really has helped people deal with gum disease, bad breath and general dental hygiene. You will find countless unsolicited testimonials of real people who have actually had success with Oram Plus within a short time in regaining healthy, firm and pink gum lines and improvement on even the deepest pockets of gingivitis.
  • Easy to follow program to win your battle and reclaiming a healthily mouth. The Oram Plus system is part of a four step oral hygiene program that will help you win your battle in reclaiming the good oral health you once enjoyed. 1: Use two to five drops of Oram Plus instead of toothpaste both in the morning and evening when brushing your teeth, 2: Floss every evening before brushing to remove any food particles out from between your teeth, 3: Use Oram Plus as a mouthwash twice a day, morning and evening by putting two to three drops into an ounce of water, 4: As needed during the day put two to five drops on the tip of your tongue to coat the gum line and teeth to kill bacteria and keep your breath fresh.
  • Various offers to choose from. Oram Plus has various ordering plans for you to choose from. Their one time, one month supply of their 11 ml bottle costs $39.97. Best value when ordering their Oram Plus Autoship program for $34.97 a month. Each month they will send you one 11 ml bottle and you can cancel at any time. Ultimate value a six month 64 ml bottle for $97.00.
  • Risk Free 100% money back Guarantee! Oram Plus offers a complete 90 Day 100% money back guarantee on their system. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your results within the FIRST 90 DAYS of using the product, they will refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.
  • Delivered directly to your home. Oram Plus offers FREE worldwide shipping with both their autoship membership program and their six month supply bottle.

Potential Issues With the Oram Plus Program – Listed are what we see maybe potential issues with this product.

  • Must become part of part of a daily regimented program. The Oram Plus system must become part of a daily regimented program that includes brushing, rinsing and flossing. Also regular dental check-ups with your dentist and dental hygienist are strongly recommended.
  • Oram Plus recommends that the following people should not use the product. Children (under 12), pregnant women and those with a nut allergy.

Our Bottom Line Recommendation for the Oram Plus System

If there is one all natural dental hygiene product that you must look into seriously to cure bad breath and combat gum disease, the Oram Plus System is one you should consider. Based upon our research and the feedback we have seen and has been about this product, Oram Plus is one of the most effective ways to combat gum disease, freshen your breath and most importantly is safe. There is more than sufficient evidence backed by tons of testimonials and studies to prove that Oram Plus System is effective and safe for fighting gum disease.

According to people who have successfully used the Oram Plus, without any question they would recommend Oram Plus anytime. It worked for them and they have no doubts that it will work for others too.

We strongly suggest that you check out the Oram Plus website to see some of the amazing success stories of people who have used the product and within a very short time (some reporting in three days) that they now have healthier gums, fresher breath and no pain. One of the must read success stories is from Thomas who wrote “I cannot believe this product, felt better in just two days”
Based upon what we have seen and learned about Oram Plus, we think their system is one of the soundest all natural dental products you will find in the market today. In fact, due to its effectiveness and popularity it is quickly growing to become one of the top all natural dental products marketed today.

We have checked into Oram Plus’s refund policy. In the event that you decide that this is all natural dental product is not for you or your not satisfied with the results, Oram Plus offers a 90 day no risk money back guarantee wherein the company will refund your full purchase price. This is definitely a big plus for you, most especially since it gives you ample time to try Oram Plus and get yourself on the right path to healthier gums and fresher breath. By the way, Oram Plus has one of the most friendly customer support teams that we have spoken with.

We have presented the pros and cons of the Oram Plus System, the choice is now up to you.

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